Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Possible Catherization today...

So this morning Jack's Doctors and Nurses met with me to come up with a plan. We went through the possible steps to figure out where the fluid in Jack's lungs is coming from and why it keeps coming back. This mornings xray showed more fluid than yesterday. First step would have been IV meds, second drainage from his lungs to see what the fluid is, and third would be a catherization to find out what the actual problem is. I really did not like solution one and two only because, neither really can completely get rid of the fluid and they are just temporary solutions. The catherization would let them go in and find out what is going on inside Jacks heart and see if there is something that needs to be fixed in order to get this fluid gone for good. Jack's doctor assured me that this problem going on is only a post op problem. Its not permanent. So that was good to hear. Also with this catherization, Jack was supposed to have one done in 6 weeks anyways so they could most likely take care of that while they are in there.
Hopefully they can get him in today as he is on the wait list.. they have already been preparing him to go in today! BIG PRAYERS FOR JACK!!!

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