Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update on Jack

After the Catherization, they realized that Jack has Chilous. Its a fatty build up in his lungs. Weird though, the only thing to fix it is formula and and extra diuretic... So since the cath, Jack has been doing great. His oxygen levels have been back in the 80's and his heart rate a lot lower than it was. He seems to be Jack again.
We are waiting to have an xray in the morning to see if the fluid reduction has been consitant. If so we go home, if not we stay until they get it under control. But for the last few days there has not been any increase in fluid and some of the fluid has actually gone away.
So here's praying Jack is ok. Sorry I didn't update sooner. It has been a bit overwhelming and busy here. Now things are calming down. But keep your fingers crossed cause I know mine are that we go home tomorrow.

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