Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another visit to Childrens Hospital

Jack spent last week at Childrens hospital due to fluid returning into his lungs. We think he was taken off his special formula too soon. But after a week of meds and observation he has finally gotten back on track and the fluid is going away again. During his stay at Childrens they were also able to diagnose Jack with Reflux. He has had many symptoms of Reflux and now he is on Medication to relieve his pain and symptoms. So although it was an unexpected visit to the hospital, we did get a lot accomplished while there. Jack is eating great again and we even started putting rice cereal in his formula, and he LOVES it! We will get his weight back on track.
Jack is doing very well now, and he is definately happy to be home. Mee too! Soooo glad to be home again. It's nice and quiet here...

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