Friday, August 13, 2010

4 weeks post op!! Jacks now 5MONTHS

Jack is 4 weeks post op today and he turned 5 Months yesterday! He had a cardiologist appointment yesterday and his doctor said he looks fantastic. We are still going to have a weekly appointment to keep an eye on the fluids in his lungs and he has a leak from his heart going to his liver. So we will have another echo this week to see how that is doing. We thought we were done for a couple of years but at yesterdays appointment, Jack will need another catherization in the near future to again widen the aorta and the pulmanary artery. Those are both the things they ballooned in his catherization 3 weeks ago. As Jack grows he will need to have them widened again sort of like another "tune up".
Jack is also back on regular formula. Im hoping this stuff fills him up and we go back on his sleeping through the night thing. He has been waking every 2 and a half hours to feed. Boy am I tired. It's like having a new born all over again. Don't get me wrong, I love the time I get to spend with him, but a girl needs her sleep! I am one tired Mamma!
Now that Jack is on his formula I asked the doctors if it would be ok to start giving Jack cereal. They were fine with it. So we gave him his first rice cereal last night, HE LOVED IT!!!! He ate it as if he couldn't get enough of it. Its so exciting to see him do new things. He holds his bottle, grabs his toys, rolls around, talks like crazy, and so many other things. He recognized himself in the mirror and just cracks up like its the funniest thing. Last night I was bouncing him up and down and when we were done, he would look at my mom like, did you see that nana? It was sooo cute! I love this little boy. Makes me smile every day.
Summer is almost over, I can't wait till the fall. This summer has been a humid one, being stuck in the house is no fun. I think and I am hoping I am right that this fall will be a good one!

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