Thursday, August 26, 2010

Follow Up appointment with Cardiologist

Jack had a visit with his worcester cardiologist today. It was a long appointment including an echocardiogram and an xray for Jack. The echo looked good and we are still awaiting the results to his xray. Hoping the fluid keeps getting smaller in his lungs. Jack's doctor and I had a long talk about Jack's not so distant future. Jack will definately be going back to childrens again a lot sooner than we thought. He will have to go back in 6 months to a year for another heart catherization. When they last did this procedure, they ballooned the aorta and the pulmonary artery. Well, the aorta will not have to be widened again but the pulmonary artery will have to be ballooned once again before his 3rd surgery. The pulmonary artery is different from the aorta as it acts more like a vein, and veins tend to shrink. So they need to keep it widened to make sure it functions properly.
Jack's doctor and I had a very extensive conversation about the upcoming winter season. All my fears have come back and we basically have to keep Jack in a bubble for another 6 months. As the doctor said, it is crucial that Jack stay healthy during this season. Holy Anxiety!! It really scares me to think that even just a common cold could put Jack back in the hospital with much more risk than just the common cold can give you. I am truly scared.
I just want to let the people around us know, that we would love more than anything to be able to share the joy of Jack with everyone in our little world. It breaks my heart that I can't be like any other new moms out there who get to show off their bundle of Joy. Especially with Jack being such a fighter and all that he has been through, I would love to spoil him with all the attention he deserves. But unfortunately we can't. Jack's health is more important to us than anything else we could ever imagine. I do hope that people understand. For the time being our lives have changed but thats all it is, is change. And to deal with Change you just have to except it and move on. So this is our new life and I can't lie, if it weren't for Jack I probably wouldn't enjoy it so much. If I am stuck in this house for months on end, and I have Jack with me, I am probably one of the happiest and luckiest ladies alive. One day Jack will be healthy enough to get out more, and I can't wait for that day!!

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