Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home... such bliss!!

Sorry for the late update. We got home monday night but I have been trying to get settled and get back into the swing of things. Jack is doing great. We had a visiting nurse come yesterday and he looked great. We go tomorrow for an appointment with his cardiologist at UMASS Memorial. He will have an xray and labs to see how the fluid in his lungs are doing.
Leaving childrens was a great thing but also very sad.. It was very cute, all the nurses were giving him kisses goodbye and Dr. Breitbart held Jack one last time. I was so sad that my camera was already in the car, because it really would have been such a great picture. But Dr. Breitbart said that he will see us in two years for his 3rd and hopefully final surgery. That felt good to hear. Hopefully all will go well with Jack and we wont have to go back to childrens until the next surgery. We are still going to be cautious with Jack. Ofcourse we will try to get out of our bubble in a few weeks after he is fully recovered from surgery. But we don't want Jack to get sick and end up back in the hospital. A common cold could be a really bad thing for Jack. It really is a scary thing but we still have to live a normal life as much as we can.
Justin and I are going to take Jack to the cape for labor day weekend. We haven't been on vacation since our honey moon and it will be nice to have some time as a family. Knowing that the cape isn't a far place from the hospital I know it will be a safe venture.
Thanks for all of your prayers. Two of our friends with sons who have HLHS will be having surgery tomorrow. Dylan will have his first of the 3 stages and Jacob will be having his Glenn just like Jack just did. So if you wouldn't mind, please share your prayers that you have been so generously giving for Jack to these two little boys. Both are fighters and both have wonderful parents that will see them through this scary time.
I will update after Jack's appointment, hopefully with good news that his fluid has decreased. I have been giving him four different meds twice a day and if all looks good, they will decrease the meds. Heres hoping!!

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  1. I'm so happy that you all are finally home and that Jack is doing so well! Enjoy your summer!