Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cross your fingers!!!

So Jack is doing great in the recovery department. But he is still holding fluid in his lungs. They have tried extra meds to decrease the fluid but with that he became dry. Not in his lungs but everywhere else in his body. He had let out so much fluid that his potassium decreased so they had to stop the extra meds. With that, he seems to be stable but there is still a little fluid left. Most likely, they will send us home on his lasix meds but instead of the two doses we were doing at home before, it will now be three. Hopefully this helps because we do not want to come back here and go into the ICU to put a chest tube in to drain the fluid. We will be able to be home and just continue our follow ups with our Cardiologist at home. So say some prayers that this works out.
We have been sitting here for the past few days a bit bored. Had some visitors finally and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Thank you for those who came!! The nurses here absolutely love Jack. He has a huge fan club here. We had one nurse yesterday who wasn't assigned to Jack but kept coming in to see if she could steal him to go play. It was really cute! A few of the nurses have been calling Jack, Jimmy Neutron (a cartoon Character)because they have the same hair do. It is pretty funny because I googled Jimmy Neutron to see what he looked like and he definately resembles Jack! So funny! We truly love the attention we get here but can't wait to be home. So keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow is the day!!!

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