Wednesday, July 21, 2010

homebound?? Could be...

Dr. Breitbart said that he is optimistic of us going home tomorrow but we still need to get an xray in the morning to make sure the fluid is gone. Jack's new favorite nurse Elizabeth is here tonight and she said she would sneak him in at 4 in the morning to get it done first so the doctors can get it right away! I'm hoping it goes well. It would be nice to get home. Jack is bored here.. I think I walked this floor about 80 million times today. He is really making me exercise that's for sure. Not so bad cause I could really use it, but you can only walk in a circle so many times before you start to go crazy! He just does not want to be in this room anymore. We played the game of walking into our room and Jack crying then walking out and immediately stopped. So that tells me he is done!! Im going to bed with positive thoughts that everything will be ok tomorrow.

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