Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change in Plans... we have to stay

During our routine xray before we got to go home, they found some fluid in Jack's lungs. So we have to stay a few more days. They are hoping that an increase in diuretics (spelling sorry) will help decrease the fluid. If not, worst case senario they will have to put a tube into Jack's chest to drain this fluid. Hopefully that will not be the case. I will definately keep you updated.
So now it's just me and Jack. Justin had to go back to work and this makes me sad as well. It's nice being here as a family, but someones gotta pay the bills. So hopefully these next few days will fly by and Jack will keep getting better. As much as we would love to be home, we know this is a safer place for Jack to be. God bless my little boy. To see him already go through what he has in his 4 months of life, I would love for him to have a healthy break. We already know we will be back here in 6-8 weeks for a Catherization. Jacks Aortic Valve is narrowing so they will be doing a balloon catherization to widen the valve in the very near future. Hopefully after that, he will have a chance to have a break from the hospital. Till then... keep on fighting Jack!!!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us all informed - prayers, love and support can go a long way! Thinking of you guys and hoping for a speedy recovery!

    xoxo Darcy