Friday, July 9, 2010

One more week..

So one week today Jack will be having the Stage 2 Surgery, the Glenn. I can't believe how fast 4 months have gone by. It seems like we just got home and now we have to go back again. From what I have read from other heart moms, this surgery has been the "easiest" one. It is a less invasive surgery and does not require Jack to go on Bypass again. I think that it isn't as long either. The first one was 7 hours long.
This one seems really hard on me though. Not that the first wasn't hard to see Jack go through open heart surgery. I guess it's just that I know Jack so much more now than I did before. I spend every waking moment with him so I think handing him over to the surgeons and doctors is going to be the hardest thing yet. I am anticipating a good turn out though. Jack has been so strong and we haven't had any problems in between these surgeries, I think he is going to remain my little fighter and get through this like a champ.
We go in on thursday for the Pre-Op appointment and then back the next day for surgery. We should be at Childrens 5-7 days if all is well. I will try to post as much as I can on friday. But I can not promise as I know its going to be a hard day. Please keep my little heart warrior Jack in your prayers!!


  1. Chrissy, you know we are out here praying for all of you - people you don't even know as well as people you do know. You have an army on your side.


  2. Thank you denise.. we cant wait to meet you. Once Jack has recovered and doing good we are definately going to come to Plymouth and when we do, you will have to come meet our little hero!! Thanks so much again for your kind words!

  3. He is so strong and so are the both of you. I am looking forward to Jack being able to hang out with all of us a little more. So are the girls. We love you guys!!