Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost Home

We got news that Jack may be able to go home tomorrow. He needs to have another sedated Echo to make sure everything is going the way it should inside his little heart. If all is well, we go home. So I am hoping so much that this happens. It is nice being here with all this care, and I most certainly do not want to rush things. But, I think it would be a much peaceful place to recover if we were at our own home. We have a roomie here and they are very nice. It is just hard working on someone elses schedule while we are trying to keep up with ours.
Jack is happy as can be though. He is laughing and smiling just like before the surgery. He is also flirting like crazy with all the lovely nurses here. They just can't get over him. Dr. Breitbart also brought some of his students in today and said to them that this is not what a heart baby looks like with a big smile on his face. That gives me a huge sigh of relief that things just may be ok afterall.
Another Heart Mom Kathy shared a story on facebook tonight of a man, yes I said MAN, age 32 with HLHS. This also gives me huge hopes that we will see Jack graduate highschool, go onto college, get married and have a family of his own one day. Now I don't want to push all that to happen right away ofcourse. We are still working on getting up on his hands to crawl first. But in the future, it would be nice knowing Jack is going to get to do all those things.
We are going to give Jack another month to fully recover before we start getting him around other kids. Just to be on the safe side. I would like to see him have a safe and healthy recovery. So give us some time and then its time to play!!
I am going to bed feeling blessed with a wonderful child tonight. I don't know what my life would be without Jack. Justin and I are lucky parents! I can't wait to later share with Jack the pictures we have taken and the little things from the hospital we have saved to show him what a hero he really is.
Good Night All!!


  1. Chrissy! You are such a great blogger!! Thank you for the updates!
    Tara and I talked about coming up Wed night, but it looks like you won't be there!!
    Let me know when we can all visit you guys at home!!
    I am so thrilled that he is doing so must be such a proud Mommy!!!
    You have a little hero and what stories you will have to tell!!


  2. Thanks for the updates Chrissy. It is nice getting info direct from you instead of the grapevine. Its like playing the game operator & hoping the end story is correct. Hang in there! ALL my love...GUSHA