Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scary day!

Today was a scary day. Jack's oxygen levels dropped during the night to 65. He is supposed to be at 75. They managed to get his levels back up by giving his meds a little early. He has become dependent on his meds. During his morning feed, he gave me a real scare. He turned completely white with blue lips. Never have I seen him like this. The nurses came in and moved him around, tried to wake him up and it took a few minutes for him to respond. He finally gave us a one-eye opener to let us know he was ok. After this happened the nurses watched him and again gave him meds early to get his oxygen back up. I swear when Jack lost his oxygen, I lost my breath.
He came around with the meds but then they decided to put him on oxygen to give him that little boost. All morning he just wasn't his happy Jack self. He was groggy and didn't even crack a smile. This was clear indication that Jack is not ok, even our Nurse Practioner saw him and said he didn't look like himself.
The new plan was to give him a 3rd diaretic to decrease any fluid. They gave it to him at around 4 so now we wait to see the effect it has on the fluid in his lungs. The nurse did try this afternoon to take him off the oxygen but his levels shot down again. So he needs to stay on the oxygen. Talking with his doctor today, this all could be happening because of another problem and not the fluid in his lungs. His pulmonary artery may not be doing the job it is supposed to be. So if the meds don't do the job in the next day or so, the next step would be to bring Jack to the Catherization lab again to check his anatomy to see what is going on. If they find the problem there, they may be able to fix it in the cath lab. If not, another surgery may have to happen.
I hope and pray this isn't the solution but I would rather get the problem solved then keep playing with meds to try and fix something that can't be fixed with meds. It is all very scary and I don't want to put Jack's little body through surgery again.
After today, it hit me... nothing else matters to me but my son's health. I could say time and time again, are we being punished for something and that is why this is happening to Jack? But then how could I say that when Jack is the most precious gift I have ever received. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and if all this is what it takes to get him home with me and for him to be safe then lets do it!! If I have to live at this hospital for a year, I will do it. If everything else in my life stops, that is completely fine because I get to spend my most important time with the most wonderful being ever!! I am one lucky girl. He wins me over everyday with his morning smile when he wakes up and through the day until he is cuddling on my shoulder to go to sleep. He already has me wrapped around his little finger and it certainly is a little finger. I just adore him and want nothing but for him to be ok.
Please keep saying prayers for Jack... father bob came in today and we said the peeing and pooping prayer. I know it sounds silly but that is one way that gets the fluids out of Jack, so it seemed appropriate! It was actually really cute. Hope it works!
And thank you for all of you that came to visit us these past few days! Jack and I really love the company! Its always nice to see familiar faces when you aren't in a familiar place!!(actually I could probably be a tour guide for childrens hospital at this point!!!!hehe)! But again thank you!

Love you all, gotta go to bed now- nite!!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Jacks bad day. We will keep him in our prayers that things will turn around with the meds.
    Heart hugs,