Friday, July 2, 2010

The countdown begins... 2 Weeks closer to a healthier heart!!

Last night the show Boston Med shared a story of a family having a baby with HLHS. It brought back so many memories from what Justin and I had gone through in the begining when we found out that Jack would be born with half a heart. Tears came to my eyes because I could just picture being there all over again. Seeing how the young couple reacted to many of the same things we had gone through, I could feel their every emotion. Alot of the things that the mother Renee had said I know that I had said too. Especially the part about not wanting to get too close to the baby because of the fear of losing him. I can tell you I felt the same exact way.
But now, I am so glad that we decided to go through with the 3 stage surgery because Jack deserves a chance. He is the strongest person I know and with that I have learned so much from him. He is our little heart warrior!!!
Its sort of strange how when I first found out about Jack's diagnosis, I had never heard of HLHS before. Now it seems to be popping out everywhere. There are 3 Kids in our town alone who have HLHS and two in the surrounding towns. I met a lady in the waiting room at Jack's last appointment and her good friends son has HLHS and he is 7. They live right up the street from us. There are so many support groups and sites where parents cant talk about what is going on or just ask questions of other peoples experiences. Its such a great feeling to know we are not alone.
Well it is two weeks from today that Jack will be going through Stage 2 of his 3 surgeries. I have butterflies and mixed emotions all over again. At least this time we know a little more of what to expect. Although that doesn't take the emotions of if our son will be ok or not.
I thank all of you who follow Jack. It means the world to us. If it weren't for all the prayers and people thinking of Jack, I truly think things would be so much different. We are lucky to have all of you in our life, even the ones I haven't gotten to meet yet. Thank you so very much!!

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