Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pre-Op Tomorrow....

Well, the time has come. I can't believe how fast this day has approached us. We go in tomorrow for Jack's pre-op to fridays surgery. Unfortuneately I was made aware that Jack will be sedated for the Pre-op as well as fridays operation. I guess that when jack was a newborn, they did not need to sedate him for the Echo because Jack barely moved. But now since Jack is a rollie pollie and loves to move, in order to get a great echo he will be sedated. So with that, we may have a rough morning because Jack can not eat past 430am. Not looking forward to that at all. My plan... wake him up at 4 and feed him with hopes of him falling asleep until we get to our 730 appt. His Echo is at 1030 so hopefully we can keep his mind off food until that time. My little guy loves to eat so lets hope this goes smoothly.
I can't wait for Jack's surgeon to see how big he is now. Last time we were at Childrens, he said Jack was overweight- not in a bad way but for a heart baby. Wait till he sees him now. He is a moose. A cute moose that is. He has rolls all over! He has gained weight just like a normal 3 month old baby and going into surgery should be 14lbs on the dot. We fattened him up just like the doctors said to do. He has done so great!
I can't hide that I am very emotional right now. Today I went to pick up a photo that was reordered from Jack's 3 month pictures. When they opened it to show me, my eyes started gushing with tears and I couldn't control it. I think the girl behind the counter thought I was a crazy and too emotional over a picture. But this picture just came out so great and his precious face said it all.
I have to tell you Jack is just such a great baby. He barely fusses except when hungry, sleeps through the nite, laughs and talks all day. I honestly could never complain. You would never know he has half a heart.
Justin and I adore our little guy and don't want to see him go through this again. But luckily we have so much love already between the three of us and that makes us whole as a family and that gives each of us strength to keep going. So Jack, Keep going lil buddy!! You can do this!!! We love you so much!
Well time to get those prayers rolling and help my little guy get through this with flying colors!! Thank you all for being there for us, we truly feel blessed by all of your love! THank you thank you thank you!!!

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  1. Chrissy!!! I have been thinking of you all week!! I have tried to post before, but haven't been able to!
    I will say many prayers that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. I will be in otuch and see whn you're ready for a visit up at the hospital. Love you!!!