Sunday, July 25, 2010

Prayers for Baby Mia!

Baby Mia, another baby with HLHS, lost her battle with HLHS today. I can not imagine what her family is going through. I pray for them and know that Mia is sending her love and strength to get them through this very hard time. Please send your prayers to Mia and her family.
Everytime I read of another CHD baby losing their battle, I can't stop the tears from falling. It hits home pretty hard. I can not imagine the pain that Mia's parents are having right now and I never want to live it. Although I fear it everyday!
Today, I will hug Jack a little tighter and tell him I love him a million times more. I can't imagine life without him!!! Keep fighting baby Jack, your strenght is what gets me through my day!!! I love you!!!


  1. And we all love you! Keep strong hun, you guys are doing great! I will come visit soon and sing to Jack,you know how crazy he thinks I am, makes him laugh ; ) xoxo

  2. We are all saying prayers for Jack. Keep strong he will be coming home soon. We love you. Jim & Cheryl