Saturday, July 17, 2010

What can I say... My son is AMAZING!!!

After arriving at Children's at about 7am yesterday morning a nurse brought Jack, Justin, and I to a holding room before surgery. I couldn't believe how great Jack was doing considering he hadn't had a bottle since 11pm the night before. He ususally is a bear if you dont feed him on time. Really, that is the only time he cries. I couldn't believe how great he was being. In the holding room we put Jack on the bed and pulled the mini TV over to him. He watched Mickey Mouse club while sucking his fist and twirling his hair through his fingers. When the Anestesia team walked in, they couldn't stop adoring how cute he was. Even though he was not fussy they gave him a little something to calm him for when they took him from us. That must not have tasted very good as he was trying to spit it out. But it started working fast and he was definately out of it. It made me feel good though, they didn't take him from us wheeling him out on a bed. One of the nurses carried him and cuddled him. It felt great to see.
Surgery could not have gone better. The procedure still took about 7 hours and then we had to wait another hour to see him. But my goodness, he looked great. The first surgery, he had about 16 lines and wires in his body, this time only 6. And once again they were able to clothes his chest after surgery.
We got up to the CICU where Jack is and all the nurses were going gaga for him. They couldn't stop saying how cute he was and they could not believe how big he was. At first they had him in a baby bed, usually for newborns and small babies, he was almost going to hang out of it so they put him in a normal crib. My big baby!!
At about 10 last night they took out his Vent to help him breath. He had been breathing on his own since right after surgery but they kept it in just in case. Before the surgery, they told us that it could take about two days before that even came out. My son is pretty impressive. Today we are going to try and give him normal formula instead of pedialite. Which is great. Im sure he is going to be so happy for that. He sure does love his food.
We were told the minimum stay for this surgery is 5 days. So we will see how this week goes. During Pre-op, the surgeon and his doctor couldnt stop saying how robust and healthy he looks. They stated that they were blessed to work with a patient like Jack! It is such a great feeling hearing such wonderful things.
You know babies have milestones like crawling, walking, eating solids, and etc. But everyday for Jack is a milestone. It's hard because I don't think people on the outside looking in really know this. Which I don't blame anyone for. It's just that knowing that everyday my son makes it to the next day is a huge deal to us. We live in fear a lot of the time but for a good reason. I have been pretty strict with being around other kids and too many people at once, but I have to say, my son has not been sick once since we came home from the first surgery. I will do everything in my power to keep him as healthy as possible. And I know he is going to get sick at some point. But if I know that I am doing what I can to help stop that, then I feel better and my son stays healthy. Since this surgery is over, I will definately lighten up a little bit, but ofcouse I will still be extremely cautious.
Well I am going to get going now but will be back soon with more updates!

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