Monday, November 7, 2011

Post Cath and doing great!!

Jack had his 6th Heart Catherization this past thursday.. Can I just tell you how weird it was to walk into Childrens Hospital for the first time in a year. It was so strange to be there, but it felt like we were back home. I absolutely love the feeling that you get from the staff at Childrens. I had such fear knowing we were going there, but then once we were there for Pre Op on wednesday, I really didn't have much fear at all. It was more like excitement. I couldn't wait for Jacks boston team to see how big Jack was and how much he has progressed in his development. Seriously, he walked the halls as if he owned the place. And I must say, he was the cutest little patient rocking his hospital gown all through the halls. Each time Jack had a test for pre op and a different nurse came in for that test, it was always a nurse that Jack had in the past and they could not get over Jack. I swear he should have given out autographs with all the attention he was getting.

His Cath went great. In his pre op echo cardiogram, it seemed as though there was going to be a lot of intervention to balloon his Pulmonary Artery, the Aortic Arch, and the Atrial septum. But once he was in the Cath they were able to see his anatomy better and they only needed a slight ballooning of his Atrial Septum, which we knew before even going into the hospital. So his cath only took a couple of hours and he came out of it wonderfully. The surgeon said that Jack was a great example of a perfect Glenn. Which means his anatomy from his last open heart surgery couldnt look better. Great to hear. After the cath, he was supposed to lay flat for 5 hours but by hour 4 they couldnt keep Jack down so they let him get up to walk around and play. This kid has too much energy to waste lying down. He had a very uneventful night, which is great. He was only a little restless but got a great amount of sleep. His mamma on the other hand, not so much. Daddy managed to snag a bed down the hall and got some sleep. I stayed in the room with Jack. Brenda our nurse offered to bring in a stretcher for me to sleep on but I insisted the chair bed in the room was perfectly fine. Well, in the middle of the night I woke up with my legs elevated to the ceiling and my head to the floor and decided it was not comfortable at all. I didn't want to wake Jack up witht the noise of getting a bed in the room so what did I do, I climbed in the crib with Jack. Yes, this mamma shared a crib with Jack. I do not recomend it what so ever! It was better than the chair but man I was sore in the morning.

In the morning, Jacks cardiologist came to check on Jack. He walked around with Jack and I, sat and just watched jack play. I swear he was going to cry. He was in complete AWWWW over Jack. At one point he paused and asked if he could take some credit for how wonderful Jack was. I said ABSOLUTELY. I nearly cried but for some reason held my tears back. It was one of the most incredible moments I have had with Jacks doctor. I honestly adore that man!!! He was definately sent to us by someone special "up there" because he knows Jack better than anyone else, and you couldn't ask for more in a doctor.

So we got to go home the day after the cath which was wonderful. But the saturday after the cath Jack woke up with a terrible cough that worried us. So we took Jack into his local pediatrician. Jack had a bit of swelling to his trachea from the vent so his doctor put him on steriod meds to ease the swelling of his trachea. He is doing so much better now! You would never know he just had this procedure.

Thank you again for all the well wishes. Our family truly appreciates it and one day Jack will be able to say the same, right now his vocabulary is a bit limited. But I know he thanks you! SO heres to an uneventful winter season as in HOSPITAL FREE and a great holiday season spent with our families!

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