Thursday, October 13, 2011

We're Back!!

Hey Everyone, I would first like to apologize for my neglect to this site! It was not intentional. When Jack was born I had been using my laptop to update his sites. On our third week in the hospital my computer bit the big one! So my mother was so nice to let us use her computer while we were there and we ended up keeping it for a while ( a good year and a half) until we were able to get a new one. Well we got the IPAD2 and as cool as it is, it is limited to the things you can do, and one of those things we were unable to do was update this blog. Then my father came through and sent me one of his extra laptops! Thank goodness for parents! I swear I don't know what I would do with out them!!!!

Now onto Jack, well he is now 19 months old!! I can not believe it! He is doing really well right now and doing everything a 19 month old should be doing. This mamma is exhausted trying to keep up with him all day. He is into EVERYTHING and doesn't stop to catch his breath... or mine for that matter.

On November 3rd our year free of hospital stays will come to an end. It has been so lovely not living the hospital life for the past year. But we knew at one point that it would come to an end. Jack is scheduled to have his 6th heart catherization on November 3rd. During this cath the doctors will be balloon dialating his atrial septum once again. This is to keep him good until his final stage surgery, which is scheduled for MARCH. We already have been told that Jack will have to stay overnight, but if I know my son and I think I do, we will be there a bit longer. If we don't stay longer and he proves me wrong well let's just say I wont be mad at him :)

I am nervous about this upcoming cath because of Jack's age. We just had a recent trip to the ER because Jack was dehydrated and it caused his oxygen levels to get really low. It was pretty scary. But with IV fluids and rest he was back to being himself in no time. As for the day at the hospital, can I just say OH MY GOODNESS that was H-E double hockey sticks. He did not want anything to do with anyone. No doctors, no nurses, NO ONE except for my mom and I. At one point when his cardiologist came in the room Jack shook his head no and pointed out the door, basically telling the doc to get out! Although I did think it was funny, it only gave me a glimps of what we are in for in a couple of weeks. UGGGGGH! Someone may need to sedate this mama for this next cath.

The pictures I have posted are of Jacks first trip apple picking. He didn't do as much picking as he did eating that day. As you can see in the pictures he is just eating apples. At one point I caught him hiding under the tree with a few apples in his lap and bites out of all of them! So cute really! But it was a fun day and I am glad we were able to get him out to the apple orchard.

I have a favor to ask. My mother- in laws step daughter Kristen has been admitted to MGH here in boston while she was on a visit from north carolina. During her stay here she unfortuneately came down with an infection in her heart. She has quite the medical history but this was unexpected and could require heart surgery to not only take care of the infection but also do repairs to her heart. So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! She needs as many as she can get to get her up and healthy! Keep your head up Kristen- you are in a great place!!

I also wanted to say a special thank you to my mom... Since Jack was born she has been right there by mine and justins side through it all. She hasn't missed anything and We feel very lucky to have her. I feel safe knowing that she knows everything about Jack and if there were ever and instance that we would not be there, I know she would be able to handle anything when it comes to Jack. Everytime I am alone at the hospital with Jack, I can count on my mom to show up and help me. Justin can't be there all the time because he needs to work or we wont survive. And it is hard being there alone and I couldn't do it with out my mom half the time! We are sooooo very thankful. Jack loves his nana, even cries when she leaves. But you can see they are always gonna have that special bond!!!

So finally an update!! Now if you could alll just think positive thoughts for Jack in these next few weeks that he gets in and out of this cath with flying colors!! I know in my heart he will do great, but the extra prayers always help!!!

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