Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love that little fighter of mine!!

Jack had a cardio appointment on May 3rd, the first one since February. It feels like it has been forever! We got some great news that healed the knotting in my stomach, well for now at least. I have been dreading the news that Jack will have to have his final surgery early. I also had a horrible feeling that they were going to send us right into boston for another heart catherization. I guess with Jack's history I get these worried feelings. But... Jack actually had a great appointment. Jack's heart function seems to be doing great and he will be a canidate for the fontan surgery, but not until he is between the age of 2-4. What a GREAT feeling! The only thing that could change this time frame is if Jack's oxygen levels start to go down. Which, still unexplainable by his doctor, his levels are pretty high for a hypoplast. He SATS ( oxygen saturation levels) at about 89-94. Which a usual hypoplast can sit inbetween 70-89 and it be ok. This news brings such ease to our family. We can now just relax for a while and work on keeping Jack as healthy as he can be.

Another great piece of news... Jack no longer needs to take his blood thinner Plavix. We just got word last night that all the boston doctors and his local cardiologist spoke and made the decision. Sweet!!! I have been making the joke that I am going to strap a helmet on Jack as well as some hockey gear to protect him from his falls. Every little bump made this mumma so very nervous. We had a few unexpected trips to the doctor after he hit his head to check for brain bleeding. Talk about scary. This kid is walking and practically running, so ofcourse he is gonna have a fall here and there. Because of the Plavix, he would actually bruise right away. His knees were covered in bruises and it was just from crawling. Jack's doctor wanted to take him off this med for that reason. He worried about too much blood forming a hematoma, which would hospitalize Jack. So now that Jack's heart function is doing so well, he no longer needs this med.
We did have one short visit to the hospital this past month. Jack got the dreaded CROUP. We aren't sure how or where. But this is a viral illness that he could have picked up anywhere. Poor kid, couldn't stop coughing and at one point I could see him struggling. I called the oncall doctor and she advised me to get Jack to the hospital right away. They gave Jack a breathing treatment as well as some steroids to ease the cough and get his breathing back to normal. We were there for quite some time because the meds that were given also increase the heart rate so they needed to monitor him. I swear, Jack was healthy all winter long, and now that we are in spring he all of a suddens gets sick and not with just a cold but CROUP. He is doing so much better now and is finally back to his normal, running around getting into everything, self.
What is Jack doing these days... well he is talking up a storm. He even said Jack tonight. Well it was AAACCCK! but close enough. Everytime Justin walks in the door, Jack says Hi Love. Which is really cute because thats what I say to Jack everytime he sneaks up behind me. He is going to be a chatterbox. He does not stop talking all day long and I LOVE IT! He surprises me with new things everyday.

Now that we know Jack is doing so well, we are going to try and plan a small family vacation. Not too far from home ofcourse. It will be nice though, Justin can finally use some vacation time on vacation and not for another hospital stay. Just to go away as a family, anywhere will do. Although I'm thinking somewhere that has a beach involved. Jack loves the tub, so I can only imagine him with a big huge one like the ocean. Oh, I can't wait!

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  1. Hi
    my name is Jenna and I came across your site. Jack is an amazing, courageous, strong and determined fighter. He is a brave warrior, smilen champ and an inspirational hero. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and I love it when people sign my guestbook.