Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life is good!

I recieved a call from Childrens Hospital Boston a few months back asking that Jack join a study they were doing on developmental and motor skills in children like Jack who have had numerous heart surgeries and procedures. I said yes for many reasons, but the main reason I said yes was because most children like Jack are usually 3 months behind due their surgery history, but for some reason, I never put Jack in that category. He always seems to be doing so well. This was a great visit to Childrens. It was the first time we were there and Jack wasn't having complications. We hadn't been there in 5 months.. Jacks longest break between visits. It felt good to walk in there for a good reason. The doctor leading the study was such a wonderful lady and she took to Jack right away. Ofcourse when she walked up, Jack said "hi" and showed her his truck as he made the Brrrrrrrrmmm noise for the truck (his daddy taught him that). The doctors face lit up with amazement. It was a great way to start the session. Basically the Doctor just played with Jack. She had a bunch of different toys and showed him what to do to see if he could do it too. As she did this, she had a scoring method to place Jack in his developmental level. Jack scored at 14 months in most categories!!! So instead of three months behind, he was two months ahead. Honestly, I couldn't help tears from flowing. But they were very happy tears, I promise! I am just sooo proud of Jack and who he has become already. The doctor was very impressed and said it was so nice to have a child like this on the higher end of the spectrum. She also said to watch out, we are gonna have a talker on our hands. Thats great, I will just buy some ear muffs for when I need some quiet time, Im just kidding, maybe!! To end the session, Jack put us all in shock. This wasn't even a part of the test. There was a small set of stairs in the room. It was just three stairs, Im pretty sure to practice with children. Jack never in his life has been on stairs. Jack climbed right up the three stairs. No fear at all, just went right up them like he has been doing it for years! So impressive because we don't have any stairs at our house. Im sort of saying thank goodness for that because that would be a fun game for him all day, not so much for me. It really was so great to see though. I am so glad Jack is doing so well with all of this. He doesn't seem to let anything stop him. He is into everything and I love it! My house is destroyed by the end of the day, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Between the trail of toys from one room to the next and the tupperware all over the kitchen floor, I can't help but love the mess. He learns knew things everyday. He picks up on things very easily. His Nana is very great about teaching him new things too. She gets right down on the floor and plays with him. I swear when she walks in the door for a visit, he literally wants to jump out of my arms because his play date Nana is here. He knows its time to Rock and Roll and get to play time business. It so cute! I know I don't post all of the time, but I set this page up mostly to give you updates on Jack's surgeries and doctor appointment updates. I realize, as much as I am not on here blogging away... its only because we really are living a normal life. I love that I don't have a lot of updates because things are actually going really well. I am one busy mamma because Jack gets ALL of my attention. We are looking forward to a great spring and summer, with lots to do. We are planning some trips away with friends and Jack and I will definately be spending a lot of time at the beach. What can I say, Life is Good!!

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