Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two weeks post cath

Jack is doing really well. We are so happy the doctors were able to find and fix the problem with his Atrial Septum. He is a completely different boy now. His breathing is so much better and his oxygen levels have been staying in the high 80's where they are supposed to be. Jack will have another cath in about 6 weeks. The goal is to prevent the Atrial Septum from closing again so they will keep ballooning until they can go in and remove it during the last surgery, which will be bumped up as well. Not sure when. So he should maybe have about 3 or more caths until then.
Halloween is coming up and Jack has 3 costumes.. We need more halloweens!! He is going to be a Giraffe (pictures posted on this site), a lobster, and a skeleton. It is so much fun to dress him up! He doesn't seem to mind it either, at least I don't think so- hehe!
Jack is doing so great in his developmental stages as well. He is talking up a storm and its funny now because you can see him trying to use his tongue. He also waves hello and dances to the mickey mouse HOT DOG song. It is sooo very cute. I just can't believe how fast he has grown. He FINALLY hit 15 pounds! He has been on the verge of 15 for the past month but with all that was going on, he was unable to gain the weight. Soon he will be off the special formula and back on his normal formula so we should se him gain a little faster. He is also eating fruits and veggies. Taking it slowly though. But he loves it and can't seem to get enough of it.
He is also down from 7 Meds twice a day to only 4 meds with lower doses!!! Big change and it must be so much easier on his little belly. I couldnt imagine taking that many meds...ick!! Soon he will only be on 2, both blood thinners to reduce the clotting in his heart. He should be off those after the last surgery.. He's getting there.
Now we just have to work on sleeping through the night. I think the hospital stays have sort of steered us away from any schedules. So that is something we are working on. Mamma needs her sleep. But I actually dont mind so much waking up to feed him. He loves to cuddle after that midnight bottle and its really nice to just hold him while he is so content. But someday (maybe soon!) he will sleep through the night.