Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jack is ONE!!!

Jack turned one on March 12th!! We had a wonderful day celebrating this HUGE moment in Jack's life. I know turning one is a big deal for any parent. But for us, this day couldn't have been a bigger deal. As all of you know, Jack has overcome so much this past year. Between two major heart surgeries and 5 heart catherizations, our little man has shown us what life is truly about. Through all the things he has shown us in this past year, I think the true meaning of love stands out the most. I never would have imagined having these feelings that I do now. Everything Jack does brings a tear of joy to my eye. Sometimes it makes me a sobby mess, but in a good way. I have said it before but I don't think I will ever stop saying it, this boy AMAZES me!

Since Jack has turned one, he has picked up some funny habbits. I guess when you are one, you no longer have to wear socks. I chase Jack around the house trying to put his socks back on but once I turn around, he takes them off again. I think he gets that from me, as I am not a big fan of socks either. Another new thing, a dirty look, when he doesn't like something you will know. It is really cute though, he squints his eyes and makes a pout with his lips. Also, no one can pass Jack without him saying "hi".. and he will say it until you say it back. We were in Target the other day and he said hi to a lady about ten times waving both hands until she noticed him and finally said it back, he laughed as if it were a game and he won.

Jack is also a dancing machine. He loves music and loves to dance. Anytime he hears music he will stop what he is doing and push his toys out of the way to make room to dance. I think he gets that from his daddy, for those of you who know Justin, you can't get him off the dance floor at a wedding because he loves to dance.

Jack is such a happy and loving little boy. He smiles at everyone and loves all the attention he can get. He is a busy little boy, as you can see my post is late, he keeps me on my toes. I am one tired mama at the end of the day. I love it though. Nothing could make me happier. Many moms say they need to get away or have a break. I honestly leave for a half hour and can't wait to get back to my little man.

Justin and I want to thank everyone for the HUGE amount of support and love we have received in this past year. It really has been such a blessing to have all of you in our lives, even the ones we barely know but still share your prayers for our family. Jack is going to have another big year. Many more milestones to reach, I think walking is in the VERY near future... But he may also have his 3rd surgery sooner than we thought. Usually its at 2 years old but Jack case is a little different and he may need other things in his heart fixed to function properly and this will bring his surgery sooner. Maybe between 16 to 18 months. It really isn't too far away really. So please keep sending your positive thoughts and prayers, I am a true believer that they are a big help in getting Jack, Justin, and I through it all.

Happy 1st birthday Jack, you mean so much to so many people, and have changed the lives of many... Keep up the fight! Love Mamma and daddy!!!