Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another day another Cath!..

I haven't updated in a while only because it felt great to have a break from the "heart stuff" for a while. We were kind of going on with our day to day stuff as though nothing was wrong with Jack. Well a few weeks back, we received a call from Jack's heart doc and when he said do you have a minute, I knew something was up. He went on and told us that Jack's atrial septum has been growing back which has stopped the amount of blood flow that needs to go through that chamber from being a good amount to a not so great amount. With this, he would need another catherization. We knew he would be going back in 6 months anyways to re-dialte the pulmonary arteries but we didn't know this would be coming up as well.
So... yesterday Jack had another catherization. In this cath, they actually gave him a great tune up. They dialated the pulmonary arteries, coiled pulmonary veins, and put a stint in to keep the atrial septum open. It was a rough day for Jack. Although he did great in the cath, He was in a lot of pain afterwards. Lets just say neither of us got any sleep last night. The nurses were so kind to come and take turns consoling him. My poor little guy. This morning when he woke up from his two hour cat nap he seemed to be in much better spirits. His doctor and I went over what the next steps are and went over the additional meds he will be on. He is now on 7. Jack will have to have another cath in the near future to redialate everything that was done yesterday and if it doesnt work, another unplanned surgery will take place. So we are in hopes that the next cath will do the trick. Jack's doctor kept saying that Jack is a strong little boy, sort of like he was in amazement with how Jack has handled all of this. He felt bad for all the we have all been through, and I had to say to him, its not really me and justin going through this as it is Jack going through it. We are just his cheerleaders.. He amazes me! So Truly amazing my son is.
We are home now, relaxing. I think Jack is starting to get to that age where he knows something is going on when we go to the hospital. You can see it in his eyes. Only tells us that it will get worse and worse as he gets older. I wish this wasn't happening, but without all the wonderful people taking care of Jack, he wouldn't be here. So I have to leave my trust and hope with these doctors that they are doing what is right for our son. I believe they are. His doctor in boston is one of the most caring and wonderful people that I have gotten a chance to get to know. I know and can tell how much he cares for my son and it makes this situation so much better. I don't want to head back to childrens anytime soon, but if we have to I know its the best place to be!!