Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks, thanks, and more thanks...

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest times of year where we sit and reflect on what we are most thankful for. I do have to say I am thankful everyday, but it only seems right to share with others my thanks on this thanksgiving day...

First as many of you know my biggest thing I am thankful for as I share this as much as possible. Jack!!! He is the best gift I could have ever recieved. He is my everything. With all that he has taught me, you wouldn't think that he could teach me anything more, but everyday he teaches me new love, new hopes, and new dreams. He brings smiles to many people and that I adore. I can't express enough the love I have for this child because it is never ending, and its funny because I have never felt more love coming from another human being than I do with Jack. Even though he can barely talk or use full sentences... his actions say it all! I love that little boy of mine and couldn't be more thankful that we have him here with us! He is a true blessing.

One thing I am thankful for and I probably do not say it enough.. is my husband. Justin is such a hard worker and does so much to provide for this family. He works so many hours and would work more if given the opportunity. When Jack was born, we went down to one income, which was never our plan until we learned of Jacks heart defect. There was no way I could keep a job and stay at the hospital as long as we did and as often as we did. It was our goal to keep Jack healthy and keeping him out of daycare played a major role in doing so. Justin took on the position as the main provider for our family. Because of Justin, we have been able to have everything we need because of his hard work and dedication to keeping our family going. Our house, our car, food on the table, and some extras when we need it. He doesn't ask for handouts and we haven't really had to ask for help, he just works more hours if we need something. We have all these wonderful things because of his hard work. I don't think he hears it enough but I am so very proud of him and so is Jack and we are very thankful to have you in our lives!

I am also thankful to be expecting baby #2 in June!! Justin and I have always talked about having two children before we found out about Jacks heart. But after Jack was born we sort of said no way to having anymore children. I think it was mostly fear of it happening again to the next child and not wanting to go through all that Jack has gone through, again. But after having Jack home and healthy for a year... we started talking about it and decided we really wanted Jack to have a sibling. And it happened!! We are praying very hard for a healthy baby. We have a 5-10% chance of another heart defect, but we are looking at it as we have a 90% chance of a healthy baby... 90 is greater than 5-10!!! So we will find out in January when the doctors can get a good look at this babies heart!! So help us pray for healthy and if you wanted to add "girl" in there too, that would be fine by me (wink, wink)!!

So we have a lot to be thankful for, but didn't want to leave any of you out in my little list of thanks. But I can not express enough how thankful I am to have all of you who pray for our family, epecially Jack. I really think it helps in so many ways, and when we are feeling so down when Jack has his procedures or surgeries, I can really count on all the people who pray for him and us, to lift us back up again. I appreciate the time YOU take out of your lives to think about us!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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