Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last appointment before surgery

Today we saw Dr. Sanghavi (cardio doctor)thhe last time before Jack's upcoming surgery. It was a great appointment. Dr. Sanghavi said that Jack looks great! He is in the 26th percentile for growth for a 3 month old baby. That was wonderful news. It's amazing to me to hear from so many people especially heart doctors and nurses that Jack doesn't even look like a heart baby. He is definately chubby and he has great rosy coloring to his face. It feels so good to hear those types of things.
We went to the doctor this past monday for feeding issues. He isn't taking as much food as he used to. He has been on a higher calorie diet since birth so I just have this feeling it is too much and too heavy for him. We are trying lower calories now and he seems to be doing better with it. He is almost 13lbs!!!
I guess it has been planted into my head that feeding is a major thing with heart babies, well more so the gaining weight part. So I get nervous when Jack goes through any type of changes. Its hard because I try so hard to compare him to a regular baby but I always question if these changes or differences are because of his heart. I try and trust my own instinct as a mom, but I can't help but call the doctors because I have that worry in the back of my head.
So just a couple weeks till surgery and hopefully things will be so much better. We feel sort of hermitted into our house these past few months. It has been so hard because we want to see our families more and Jack can't wait to play with his cousins. But we are trying to keep Jack from getting any sickness before surgery. If he gets sick we have to postphone surgery and that will be more waiting time. But soon... we can get back to our "normal" life. What ever normal is?
I changed my site because this one was a little easier to use and post pictures. So hopefully this one will get more frequent updates! I will try my hardest!!

xoxo- Chrissy

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