Monday, January 31, 2011

Jack is on the go!!

Jack is fully crawling now! I can't believe it! He pulls himself up and is getting into EVERYTHING! He plays catch with his ball, waves hi and bye, and rolls his trucks across the floor. It really amazes me only because with Jack's condition, he is supposed to be behind in his motorskills, but he is right on. Childrens Hospital called and asked that I bring him in to check on his motor development due to the fact that they are supposed to be behind. This is a study on children who have had Heart surgeries to see how far they have come in development. They want to play with him for a few hours to see how he does and then give feed back to what can be done to help him get further. I told the coordinator how well he was doing and she said it would be great to have him in the study to show that some of these babies can succeed in reaching motorskill goals in his age group. It makes me proud that my son is one of the babies that are doing so well.

I am waiting to hear back from Jack's pediatrician to do a test on milk alergies. Jack since he had started formula, has had a Milk protein alergy. Usually babies outgrow this alergy and can start milk by age 1. The peditrician said to start introducing dairy to him now so that we can transition him to milk at age 1. Since Christmas he has been having yogurt and cheeses as well as mashed potatoes and other dairy products. Well, since we have started those, Jack has had congestion along with eczema and really messy diapers. His congestion got so bad we ended up bringing him into the hospital because his oxygen levels were dropping. He had a full check on his heart, and for once, it was not his heart! Thank goodness for that!... So we left the hospital with the doctors saying its a "virus" and he will get over it. I started putting timelines together on when he has changed things like, diet, sleep, congestion, and his ezcema. It all started with him eating dairy. And as we all know, you aren't supposed to believe everything on the internet...but I googled milk alergy in babies and all the symptoms shown were exactly what Jack had. So I stopped the milk and about two days later all the symptoms went away. Congestion and all.. So I have asked that on Jacks next weight check visit, we re-test him for milk alergy. Hopefully if that is the case we can still find foods for Jack to eat that will still beef him up. He may just have to be the meat and potatoes kind of kid! But thats ok... what ever it takes!!

In 6 weeks, Jack is going to be 1!!!! I can not believe it!! What a very exciting time in our lives! Jack reaching 1-is a huge milestone! I swear he is gonna be walking by then!! And... Justin is finally letting me take him for a haircut! His first little boy hair cut! I will definately post pictures when that time comes!!!! My little guy is growing up!

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