Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jacks follow up appt today!!

What a great day.. Going into these cardio appointments can really do a number on you. I was telling a friend today that I have a love/hate relationship with these appointments. I love going only to find out what I can't see at home. But I hate going because there is always that worry deep in the pit of my stomach that we will hear something bad. But today... I had a pep talk with Jack before our appt. I told him only good things no funny business today. I think our little talk worked.
Jack's doctor said that he looks amazing! That word AMAZING is the best thing I have heard in 8 months. Although I already know Jack is AMAZING, its nice to hear that he is healthy in an amazing way as well.
Jack only had an xray today and we are waiting on the results from his doctor to see if it is time to reduce meds. The meds (diuretics) he is on have the risk of stripping his potassium because of the high dose. So it is important to really watch him and to make sure he really needs these meds. Well, if all goes well with the xray, he will be cut down to half doses, and in two weeks, he will FINALLY be off the diuretics all together. Which is huge, he was supposed to be off them after his last surgery but with all the complications, he needed them to stay stable. He will be on his two blood thinners until his final surgery and then after that, he should not have any meds.. I don't know what I will do with myself with the extra time from drawing meds and crushing pills. Im just kidding, it really doesnt take that much time, but it does make me worry when jack spits them out. Knowing he doesn't have to take them will lessen that worry.
Jack is almost 16 Pounds, so he is finally catching up. I think being back on his normal formula has really helped. Also, his reflux seems to be disappearing and that is another great thing!
So all together, it has been a GREAT DAY! Now to get ready for the holidays.. I can't wait to cook my first turkey and I can not wait to decorate for christmas! I have all my decorations out and ready to go. I want these holidays for Jack to be nothing but wonderful!! There are so many things I am thankful for, but my husband and my son make me the most thankful! I feel truly blessed to have all that I do.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, hope you all have wonderful days and get really full bellies!!

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